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About Me

For 30+ years I've been funding & launching startups, and building teams that manage them.

I am currently building entertainment, sports, hemp/CBD and cannabis brands into revenue-generating machines leveraging the best in-house digital teams & sales teams, and worldwide wholesale distribution channels to grow our businesses.

There are several businesses I'm involved with listed in the 'Projects' section below... some in early-stage and a few doing 7-figures monthly.

Our group also controls a publicly traded entity, which has allowed us to acquire 3 partner companies to date.

I'm always looking for solid long-term partners to grow business with. If I can help you and understand your needs, I'm happy to either help or connect you with someone in my network that can help.

I don't participate in sales pitches, however, I'm always interested in making new friends and building relationships... I work and network with friends/professionals that are changing industries with their work and connect them with same :)

After you do some due diligence, you can book an introductory here:, or simply text me @303-961-6049 call so we can discuss potential synergies... Just mention that you're a LinkedIn connection on message and I'll call you right back.

Happy Building!

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