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Updated: Apr 5, 2018

Patience is a result of knowing who you are and inserting yourself in the creation process...

Here is where your vision & power to create come together to empower your true life within.

Good things happen when you align with the universe.

There is no hurry necessary... just enjoy being & creating.

Impatience is a result of neglecting yourself & living someone else's idea of your life... That happens when most if not all of your life experience is outside of yourself where all the noise & distraction makes it hard to hear and heal.

It's a stressful place to be... It kinda feels like dying a slow death.

"Embrace your gifts. Nurture your gifts. Share them liberally with others."

Here's where your superpower is to change the world or be part of changing it.

Everything you need to complete your mission has already been provided for... There's no shortage of anything. The only struggle you're experiencing is you getting out of the way of the real (full-of-power) you.

Your entrepreneurial journey is trial, error, learning & preparation for what will eventually become your legacy.

"Patience leads to legacy decisions"

There's no hurry... Life and business decisions made under high-pressure, stressful situations are not often good ones.

On the positive side of that coin; the biggest mistakes that you endure and learn from in this life ultimately make you the person you become... Nobody willingly asks for these seasons, they just come and they're necessary.

Embrace them, endure them, learn from them - they will pass and you will be stronger.

Once you can see the light - know the vision you have within is the only truth you'll ever need to be fulfilled and live life on your own terms.

"Live your truth"

Just keep your eye on the prize and never let go of the vision that has been given to you - It's unique and yours to live if you never let go of it, no matter what life throws at you.

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