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Are you prepared for a future of radical disruption?

Below is an snippet from an email I received from MindValley and the statistics were profound...

We are definitely living in some interesting times!


In 2016, I sat down with American futurist and the man who launched the private space travel industry, Peter Diamandis.

Peter is a fascinating dude.

Between launching XPRIZE (which sparked Virgin Galactic) and working on projects to mine asteroids…

He’s also written bestselling books like Abundance and Bold that talk about where the world is heading in the future.

During our dinner, Peter then told me something that I would never ever forget.

“Between 2000 and 2016, the world had seen as much change as between 1900 and 2000.

Just look at what has happened in those 16 years. The destruction of retail stores as a result of Amazon’s. The Wall Street financial crisis. The launch of the iPhone and Android app stores. The rise of Netflix.

In 16 years, we saw 100 years of change. And we’re just getting started.”

Peter continued.

“From 2016 to 2022, we will see an equal amount of change. Now compressed in just 8 years.”

Then he dropped another bomb.

“And then we’ll see another equal amount of change between 2022 and 2026. 100 years of change in just 4 years.”

Yes, we just entered an era where every year is equivalent to 25 years of innovation and disruption as the previous century.

This chart explains what is about to happen.

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We’re on the cusp of massive disruption in the way we traditionally live, work and function as human beings.

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